0.2 Interactive “Tutorial: Vs. Porky Mech”

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Field: Underground Cave of the Final Needle
Music: 1.Re: Porky’s Theme, 2.Re: Theme of Love

Scenario: Lucas, Kumatora, Duster, and Boney are in a reenactment of Mother 3’s Late Game Boss Battle against Porky.

Note 1: The fight against Porky isn’t like other tutorial bosses where the game is programmed for the player to automatically win, the player must prove they can win with the actions available.

Note 2: Lucas is the only playable character in the level; however, he must pay attention to the health and behavior of both teammates, as he would need to heal them if their health is critical.

Note 3: As Kumatora and Duster will guide Lucas with helpful advice on how to play the new strategic battle system, the tutorial transitions to tests the player new skills against a low difficulty fight against Porky.

Note 4: Porky’s attacks are similar to his boss appearance in Mother 3.

Objective: Defeat Porky!

Clear Conditions: Porky’s health goes to zero; else, either Lucas’s, Kumatora’s, Duster’s, or Boney’s health goes to zero, or the level will repeat until Porky is defeated.

Post-Fight Narrative: After Porky is defeated, the scene skips forward to when Lucas and Co. run after the Masked Man, whom off-script facing the camera takes off his mask revealing to his true identity.

With the symbolic undertones it carries, the screen starts flashing a few times with some cinema effects, and the next scene plays.
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