1.15 Interactive “Mecha-Drago Rematch”

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Field: Draco Plateau
Music: Battle against Beast

Scenario: Claus faces the Mecha-Drago to avenge Hinawa’s Death.

Note 1: The Mecha Drago’s attacks are carried over from Mother 3, but are presented in a strategy board setting.

Note 2: This is the first of three optional super bosses that can be fought, assuming the player wishes to fight the Mecha-Draco and not simply take enough damage to clear the level.

Note 3: Fighting the Mecha-Draco requires a high skill level, as Claus at this point in the story is very weak and relies only on knife for damage. However, if the player strategies counters to the Mecha-Drago’s attacks and be patient enough to attack enough times to bring down the health bar to zero, then the Mecha Drago would be defeated and an alternate ending will play.

Objective: Defeat the Mecha-Drago to Avenge Mother!

Clear Conditions: To proceed, Claus’s health goes to zero. An alternate ending is unlocked if the Mecha-Drago’s health goes down to zero.

Alternate Ending: If Claus defeats the Mecha-Drago, Flint and Alec catch up with Claus.

Flint sternly yells at Claus for putting himself in danger. Claus becomes furious that his father would punish him for avenging his mother, and says he is going to run away from home.

Flint frustrated, tries to chase after him and trips causing him to fall off the cliff and getting injured. Claus sees what he had done and pushes his frustration by stabbing the baby Draco and burying his knife deep into the beast.

Alec walks over to the cliff looking down at Flint’s injured body with a look of concern.

Claus asks in a stern tone, if Alec is also going to stop him, and Alec replies that he will not.

Alec says he will take Flint’s body back to the village, and Claus is free to leave if he wishes. Then Claus runs away.

Note: The story could continue relatively the same, but for consistency sake, the credits roll.
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