1.4 Interactive “Vs. Chimera Rats”

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Field: Sunshine Forest on Fire
Music:Re: F-F-Fire!

Scenario: Stick in hand, Claus fights the Chimera Rats, in order to protect his family.

Note 1: This battle while not a tutorial, is built to give a player a feel of fighting multiple opponents.

Note 2: The stationary Hinawa and Lucas are vulnerable to the opponents and must be guarded from attacks.

Objective: Defeat the Rabid Rats!

Clear Conditions: In order to win, Claus must lower the Giant Chimera Rat’s health down to zero. A loss occurs if any of the chimera rats attack Hinawa & Lucas or Claus’s health goes to zero.

Post-Fight Narrative: Hinawa picks up the mechanical parts from the chimera and has a disturbed look in her face while inspecting them.

Thunderstruck by the unspoken revelation, she sternly tells her sons, not follow her and run back towards their grandfather’s house. Claus attempts to stop her from leaving, but she goes on ahead without paying attention to his pleas.
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