1.6 Interactive “Vs. Mecha-Drago”

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Field: Sunshine Forest on Fire
Music: Castle Black

Pre-Fight Narrative: As Hinawa gets attacked by the Mecha-Drago. Claus rushes in to save Hinawa. Lucas faints right away as the battle starts, to Claus’s dismay.

Scenario: This is a scripted battle where Claus tries to protect Hinawa, but cannot as the mysterious figure, Castle Black, deter Claus away.

Note 1: Depending on how much effort Claus resistances in the battle, it changes the structure of the fight.

If Claus doesn’t resist and protect, it results in extra dialogue of self-hate when Hinawa falls.

If Claus attacks the Mecha-Drago, it results in Castle Black raising his hand and emitting an immense dark force to push him away from the Mecha-Drago

If Claus manages to reach Castle Black and attacks him, the level recognizes him as an opponent and adds a health bar.

If Claus damages Castle Black enough, the controller he holds will be damaged, resulting in Castle Black to end the level by knocking Claus onto the ground.

Note 2: This is very narratively told level, especially concerning Claus’s reaction of his mother being slaughtered.

When the Mecha-Drago reaches Hinawa it savagely attacks her, resulting in Claus’s senses to become all thunderstrucked from seeing his mother being brutally ripped apart before his eyes.

Claus’s psyche becomes much more distorted over time, as the mental trauma gets to him.

Note 3: Depending on Hinawa’s worsening condition, Claus develops more strength and more resistance to Castle Black’s aura in the attempt to save her.

Objective: Protect Mother!

Clear Conditions: To proceed, Hinawa’s health goes down to zero.

Post-Fight Narrative: When Hinawa’s health is completely drained , Claus falls in absolute misery.

Claus crawls to his mother side and is disturbed to see Hinawa as an unrecognizable mess. Claus looks around and sees one of the Drago’s teeth sticking out of Hinawa’s clothing,

As he attempts to get back up again, despite witnessing the mutilated Hinawa. The mysterious black figure approaches him, puts a hand on Claus’s head and tells him that he’s a bit too reckless for his own good, and why can’t he be as docile as his brother. But, no matter he’ll be keeping an eye on his hectics from a distance, and through telepathy utters the words “Castle Black” causing Claus’s reality snap to darkness as he falls unconscious.

The mysterious black figure presses commands on his controller to turn off the Mecha-Drago aggressive behavior and go back to it’s plateau to resume its ordinary behavior.

Then the mysterious black figure approaches both Claus and Lucas, picks them up, and then carries them into the river to float.

Then the mysterious figures kneels down into the river and begins washing the blood off his hands, and assures himself he has not committed a murder; but, has redeemed himself to humanity, whom he has troubled and hurt, selfishly.
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