2.12 Interactive: “Vs. Fixer”

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Field: Rand’s Restaurant

Scenario: Claus and Marie have to defeat Fixer and his bodyguards to prove their worth to the gang, in order to join.

Note 1: Fixer is very talkative, and at times uses his words to mess with the player’s concentration.

Note 2: Around 50 percent, Fixer’s special ability called “Choosy Discourtesy” activate that has him pick between Claus and Marie and organizes his team’s unfaltering aggression against the one, while ignoring the other.

Note 3: Claus agreed on not using his PSI, so those options are locked. But Marie can still heal.

Objective: Defeat Fixer!

Clear Conditions: To win, Fixer’s health must go down to zero. A loss occurs, if either Claus’s or Marie’s health go down to zero.

Post-Fight Narrative: After Fixer is defeated, Rocco calls in a clean team to move the unconscious bodies out of the restaurant and tells Claus and Marie that their incitation will be in an hour.
Not open for further replies.