2.24 Interactive “Vs. Hearts’s Gang”

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Field: New Pork Bank: Vault

Scenario: After Claus misfired his arm cannon and accidentally killed someone in Hearts’s gang, Hearts’s gang attacks Spades’s gang in revenge.

Note 1: This is the first strategy fight where you control minor units, to use against the opponents. They are expendable; but, necessary to use against the foes.

Note 2: Pierre has a special ability where he takes out a French pastry and tosses it to another gang member to regain their health and raise their stats for a few turns.

Depending on how many of Hearts’s gang member are still active on the field, reflects the amount of health that is restored.

Objective: Defeat Hearts’s Gang!

Clear Conditions: To win, Pierre’s health goes down to zero.

A loss occurs if Claus’s health goes down to zero.

Post-Fight Narrative: As Hearts’s gang is defeated, they collapse. A piggy army siren plays loudly outside. Rocco tells the his gang to grab all the money they can and quickly get out before the pigs arrive.
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