2.3 Interactive “Hospital Ditch”

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Field: New Pork Hospital
Music: Main Theme B (Battle)

Scenario: Claus and Marie escape from the hospital, while avoiding or fighting off the hospital security who seek to stop them.

Note 1: During the escape, many hospital workers attempt to convince Marie to stay and even beg her on the behalf of the patients.

Note 2: This level is designed in such a way to make good use of Claus’s Lighting abilities, such as being able to screw around with the hospital’s electronics, to achieve an successful escape.

Note 3: Depending on the severity of violence that Claus unleashes, the level gradually becomes more difficult as security increases, and the dialogue changes to reflect the actions.

Objective: Escort Marie out of the Hospital!

Clear Conditions:
Victory occurs when Marie reaches the exit space. Loss occurs when either Claus or Marie get captured.

Post-Fight Narrative: Once Marie successfully escapes from the hospital, Pork Trooper rushes in and restrains Claus.
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