2.37 Interactive “Vs. Hearts”

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Field: New Pork Slums

Scenario: Claus, Rand, and other gang members must fight through Hearts’s gang to reach her and defeat her. So that Spades can inherit her territory.

Note 1: Hearts has a special attack called “Le Séduire” as she throws hearts at random gang members aligned with Claus and cause them to in-fight with the other members, with the goal of causing havoc within Claus’s ranks.

Note 2: Pierre is within Hearts’s gang and will use his special attack as well.

Note 3: Hearts has a lot of health; but, will surrender when it’s at half.

Objective: Defeat Hearts to Claim Her Territory.

Clear Conditions: To win, Hearts’s health must be lowered to half, as she will surrender and clear the level. A loss occurs if either Rand’s or Claus’s health goes down to zero.

Post-Fight Narrative: As Spades gang, claim victory over Hearts’s, Hearts takes out a white flag and tells everyone that she surrenders, to her mens’ irritation.

Claus and Rand go over to her as she is getting assaulted by croissants by her comrades, and Claus asks Rand want should they do now with her now.

Rand, asks Hearts if she still wants to role-play or go back to her father.

Hearts says it depends on what they have in mind for her, as Rand asks if she wants to help them to save the slums, by working in coordination with them.

Hearts says she would love to see the faces around her smile more, so is willing to offer her full support to what they have in mind.

Rand asks Claus if he is okay with taking a slower diplomatic approach of seizing Hearts territory, as Claus says he is fine with it, as long he can display his success and merit before Spades and earn his rightful place.
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