2.42 Interactive “Gang War”

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Field: New Pork Slums

Scenario: A gang war erupts between gangs of the New Pork Slums on behalf of Claus’s request, so that his gang would claim control of the slums, so that Claus could unite the people against the Empire. The other gang leaders, Diamonds and Clubs, who oppose resisting the Empire and must be defeated for them to yield control of their territories towards the purpose of revolution.

Note 1: Clubs’s Special Attack is called “Cross Crisis” which causes Clubs to slam his Cross shaped Club onto the ground and cause heavy damage to opponents whom reside in a plus shaped pattern.

Note 2: Diamonds’s Special Attack is called “Sunshade Spray” which causes Diamonds to use his Umbrella Machine Gun to injure many opponents that reside in his range, the closer the unit is to the blast, the more damage they take.

Note 3: Hearts is part of level; but, she moves on her own and is there to provide support and does not engage the opponents directly.

Objective: Defeat Clubs and Diamonds!

Clear Conditions: To win, both Club’s and Diamonds’s health need to go down to zero. A loss occurs, when either Claus’s, Rand’s, or Marie’s health go down to zero.
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