2.49 Interactive “Back Alley Rumble”

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Field: New Pork Slums: Back Alley

Scenario: After Rand’s Restaurant was shot up, Rand and Claus get their revenge against the goons that the Cabal had sent to kill them.

Note: Using terrain is key in protecting characters from the gun fire, as Rand and Claus must work in unison to take out all of the goons.

Objective: Defeat The Cabal’s Goons!

Clear Conditions: To win, all of the goons’ health must go down to zero. A loss occurs if either Claus’s or Rand’s health go down to zero.

Post-Fight Narrative: As Claus and Rand beat up the goons leaving them unconscious, Claus grabs the remaining conscious member and smashes him face first into the concrete wall and demands to know who sent them.

The goon squeals that Ruby from the cabal sent them and Claus throws him onto the ground and begins stomping on his face to bloody pulp until he’s pulled away from Rand.

Rand asks Claus if he satisfied and Claus responds that he’s never satisfied.
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