2.54 Interactive “Vs. The Cabal”

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Field: New Pork Theatre

Scenario: As everyone is trying to get of the theater at the same time, Claus and Rand must face off against the five leftover members of the Cabal to reach the Theater exit first.

The Pigmasks are in the way and attempt to entrap both parties.

As the two parties get closer to the exit, they both try aggressively to stop one another from reaching the exit and take advantage of the situation.

Note 1:
While The Cabal aren’t fighters as they hire people to do the dirty work, each of the Cabal have their own special move to deter Claus’s and Rand’s escape before theirs.

It is recommended for Claus and Rand to defeat all of them; however, as the goal is to leave quick as possible, it not a good speedrun tactic.

Note 2: Diamond still has his “Sunshade Spray” special move.

Note 3:
Gold’s special move “Gold Coins” causes him to throw coins on the floor to distract people, however his greed also causes him to pick them up.

Note 4: Ruby’s special move “Ruby Rage” causes him to kvetch and lower surrounding attack stats.

Note 5: Silver’s special move “Pieces of Silver” causes him give a few pieces of silver to a revolutionary-friendly Pigmask to backstab Claus and Rand.

Note 6: Crystal’s special move “Sparkles” causes him to shine a very bright crystal that causes eye sores to Rand and Claus and reduce their defense stats.

Objective: Reach the Exit Before The Cabal!

Clear Conditions: Claus and Rand must reach the exit of theater, before The Cabal to win. A loss occurs if either Rand’s or Claus’s health go down to zero or a member of the Cabal reaches the exit first.
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