2.56 Interactive “New Pork Massacre Phase 1”

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Field: New Pork Central
Music: Piggy Massacre

Scenario: Fassad orders the Pigmasks to shoot the revolutionaries, but Claus, Rand, and the revolutionaries continue to march in arms toward the Empire Porky Building, in defiance.

Note 1: This is level is very dramatic, as many revolutionaries who join arm with Claus get massacred by gunfire and drop down to the ground.

Note 2: To get through the line of Pigmasks who are massacring civilians from left to right, it will require defeating at least one Pigmask to get through their line.

However, once the line is breached, the Pigmasks stand down, as they comment that they don’t want to continuing massacring their own people and they leave, leaving the goal wide open.

Note 3: Fassad’s banana peels are everywhere, so don’t slip on them.

Objective: March onto the Empire Porky Building!

Clear Conditions: Reach the outlined horizontal line on the north side of the map, to proceed with level. A loss occurs if either Claus’s or Rand’s health go down to zero.
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