2.57 Interactive “New Pork Massacre Phase 2”

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Field: New Pork Central

Phase Transition Narrative: Fassad is leaning his back before the capital building as he tells the Friends of the BAC that he congratulates them for fucking over the Empire’s reputation, as he does a slow clap to express his sarcastic gratitude.

Fassad takes out a remote and says they will pay dearly for imbuing more consequences.

Fassad clicks the remote’s button, and causes a cage to fall and open, revealing the Ultimate Chimera.

Fassad does his iconic laugh, as he points at the revolutionaries, and commands the beast to slaughter all of them.

As Fassad screams in a pathological way for the crowd to run, the Ultimate Chimera begins it’s hunt and tears apart the revolutionaries one by one without mercy.

Claus gets flashbacks of his mother’s death that leave him motionless and an easy target. But, Rand grabs his arm and activates his flight instincts, as he tells him that he heard stories that this Ultimate Chimera is literally undefeatable and Claus is nowhere as strong enough to face it.

Claus and others to retreat in the opposite direction of the Empire Porky Building, as there is nothing they can do, but save themselves.

Scenario: As the revolution failed, and at the Empire’s mercy, Claus and Rand run away from the Ultimate Chimera to the bottom part of the map.

Note 1: The Ultimate Chimera has all the attacks from Mother 3 at its disposal.

Note 2: Use Fassad’s banana peels to the player’s advantage.

Note 3: It’s possible to press the Ultimate Chimera’s button to stop it’s slaughter for a turn, but it will be reactivated the next turn.

Objective: Run away from the Ultimate Chimera!

Clear Conditions: Claus and Rand must reach the exit on the bottom part of the map to win. A loss occurs if either Rand’s or Claus’s health goes down to zero.

Post-Fight Narrative: As the few surviving citizens succeed in running away from Ultimate Chimera. They get surrounded by a line of pigmasks whom quickly detain everyone.

A Pigmask Superior tells his subordinate to knock out the kid because he’s dangerous, and Claus goes unconscious, as he is hit in the head.

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