2.6 Interactive “Vs. Spades”

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Field: New Pork Slums
Music: Re: Hard Rain

Scenario: After Claus wounds the gang leader, Spades, with a blunt rock to defend Marie’s honor. Spades and his gang attack Claus and Marie, so they must now defeat Spades.

Note 1: As Spades has a blood wound before the battle starts, his health goes down during the tenure of the battle.

Note 2: When Spades’s health is at 50 percent, his special ability called “Más Mafioso” activates and he calls for more goons arrive in a few turns.

It is possible to defeat Spades before the underlings arrive to help.

Objective: Defeat Spades!

Clear Conditions: Victory occurs when Spades’s health goes down to zero. Loss occurs if Claus’s or Marie’s health go down to zero.

Post-Fight Narrative: Once Claus puts the defining blow on Spades, Spades falls to the ground in a dramatic fashion, as lands head first on the ground and into a coma.

Those who are conscious run away from Claus, while those who are not stay on the ground.

Claus decides to take Spade’s clothes and fancy knife for himself.
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