3.18 Interactive “Vs. Inhibitor Alpha”

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Field: Magicant: Joker City’s City Road

Pre-Fight Narrative: Calus guides Claus out of the beach and onto the road, where they see a huge black/white city in the distance.

A bunch of cowboys wearing white veils on their faces approach the invaders of magicant on horseback and they demand in a robotic-like that they turn back or that they will be eliminated.

Calus faces the leader of the pack, Inhibitor Alpha, who wears a fancy white cowboy outfit, and exclaims that they will defy them, and Calus summons a giant scythe to weird, to Claus’s surprise.

Calus asks Claus if he is ready, and Claus puts an hand on his arm cannon, and initiates a command to engage these white cell cowboys.

Scenario: Claus and Calus fight the inhibitor alphas, to pass though the security parameter.

Note 1: As the opponents are on horseback, Claus’s team is on the movement disadvantage, and must keep that in mind when engaging in attacks.

Note 2: Inhibitor Alpha has a special attack called “YeeHaw!” that boosts the strength stat of the allies around him in occasion.

Objective: Defeat Inhibitor Alpha!

Clear Conditions: To win, Inhibitor Alpha’s health must go down to zero. A loss occurs if either Claus’s or Calus’s health go down to zero.

Post-Fight Narrative: Calus complements Claus that he fought really well. However, before Claus could answer back, he falls yet again into the darkness.
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