3.22 Interactive “Vs. Inhibitor Omega”

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Field: Magicant: Joker City: Parking Lot

Scenario: Claus and Calus fight inhibitor Omega and her bodyguards, in order to to pass the second security parameter and reach the central marked inhibitor.

Note 1: Inhibitor Omega has a lot of tricks she can do with her motorbike.

Note 2: Inhibitor Omega Special Attack is called “Kiss of Death” which causes Omega to drive forward in a straight line and do multiple back flip kicks, to consistently damage and scatter each playable unit in her line of range.

Objective: Defeat Inhibitor Omega!

Clear Conditions: To win Inhibitor Omega’s health must go down to zero. A loss occurs, if either Claus’s or Calus’s health go down to zero.

Post-Clear Narrative: The inhibitors disappear, and Claus exclaims that was a rush and he was so pumped up the whole time with all that action.

Claus notices he is falling again into the darkness again, and tells Calus he will be back in a few.
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