3.25 Interactive “Vs. Mani Mani Statue Phase 1”

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Field: Magicant: Joker City: Torture Museum

Scenario: Claus and Calus face off against Claus’s Inhibitor to unlock potential.

Note: The Inhibitor has similar attacks as Ness’s Nightmare in Earthbound.

Objective: Defeat Claus’s Inhibitor!

Clear Conditions:
Level proceeds to a phase transition when Claus’s Inhibitor health goes down to zero. Loss occurs when either Claus’s or Calus’s health go down to zero.

Phase Transition Narrative: After, bringing the central inhibitor health to zero, much in an automated robotic tone, the statue declares that it could no longer sustain a critical attack from the outside and must adapt to euthanize the threat.

The statue starts to move which horrifies Calus in surprise, as the statue tosses away the knife it was holding and conjures a sniper rifle from thin air.

The living statue immediately points the sniper rifle at Calus and before he can flee the sniper rifle shoots a laser beam right through Calus’s body, defeating him instantly to Claus’s shock. Along with the rest of the summoned fighters, that disintegrate.
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