3.26 Interactive “Vs. Mani Mani Statue Phase 2”

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Field: Magicant: Joker City: Torture Museum
Music: 1.Metamorphosis, 2.Re: Natural Killer Cyborg

Pre-Fight Narrative: Instead of a using robotic voice like the other inhibitors, the Mani Mani statue switches to use a pseudo-human voice, as he snickers about killing Calus, as he tells Claus that he is sick of tired of dealing with that virus, every time.

Mani Mani holds the sniper rifle over his back, and walks over to Claus as he introduces himself as the Evil Mani Mani, the one who defies god.

It’s been awhile since a PSI User has challenged him, it begs to wonder what had happened to the other world, since he last awoke.

Claus comments that the world had ended a decade ago to Mani Mani’s surprise.

Mani Mani grabs a hold of Claus’s shirt and demands to know what happened to humanity, surely some must be still alive, if he is alive.

Claus gets out of Mani Mani’s hold and tells him humanity while fewer in number, are still kicking, despite the harsh reality.

Claus adds if Mani Mani truly cares about humanity than he shall lift his inhibitor, so he can have the power to help their situation.

Mani Mani thunderstruck by Claus’s self-absorbed justification for his power hunger, accuses Claus for exploiting humanity to fuel his own damn ascension.

Mani Mani adds that every psyke has innocent human blood on their hands, so it’s not discriminatory for wanting all of them to die.

Mani Mani snickers and transforms the battlefield, as the museum’s statues become raised up pillars, to better suit the stage for a sniper rifle engagement.

Mani Mani spins his sniper rifle and declares this an epic battle, as he backflips onto a pillar’s pedestal and readies his aim on Claus.

Scenario: Claus and Mani Mani face off, as Mani Mani uses his sniper rifle to take out Claus.

Note 1: Mani Mani launches himself from pillar to pillar to target Claus , as Claus can also use the pillars to his defense and strategic advantage.

Note 2: Mani Mani’s Special Attack is called “An Acceleration” which has him to leave ghost copies of himself each time he launches himself to a different pillar, and they all target Claus in their own unique way, until the special attack expires.

Objective: Defeat Mani Mani!

Clear Conditions: A win is achieved by lowering Mani Mani’s health down to zero. A loss occurs if Claus’s health goes down to zero.
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