3.37 Interactive “Rescuing the Stranded Pigs”

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Field: Porky’s Private Island: Beach

Pre-Fight Narrative: The trio freak out that the pigs are going to get themselves killed, if they don’t reach them in time.

Rand says it maybe the perfect time to show what extra he can do, and tells the other two of his special ability of being able to construct items like a raft.

Also Marie says her ice power, while be in their infancy, could probably create a temporary walkway by freezing the top surface of the ocean.

Scenario: The trio must cross the ocean to pick up the pigs and carry them back to the beach, while avoiding the shark attacks and the pig infighting.

Note 1: This level has a turn limit, if the pigs aren’t picked up in a certain amount of turns, they will fall off the raft and die causing a game over.

Note 2: Rand’s new “Construct” ability, can build a raft that can cross the ocean that can carry only two people, but it takes a few turns to build.

Note 3: Marie’s can use her Ice PSI can create a frozen path, but each path tile she creates only lasts a couple of turns.

Note 4: The pigs have a wide array of random behaviors that need to be counter-reacted to, such avoiding a pig attacking the other pig, when they are close by.

Note 5: This level puzzle design, signifies a turn point to the game’s strategic design, as future levels will incorporate both opponent fighting and puzzle mechanics, as the must use the characters’ abilities in completing the levels.

Objective: Rescue the Stranded Pigs!

Clear Conditions: A win occurs if the pigs are safely carried back to the beach. A loss occurs if either one of the trio’s health goes down to zero or either of the pigs’ die.
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