3.43 Interactive “Vs. Fixer Rematch”

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Field: Porky’s Private Island: Upon the Palace’s Gates

Scenario: Fixer along his teammates attack Team Tribulation out of anger.

Note 1: Fixer has a new special attack called “Guess Gamble” that allows him to control the acceleration of the power of chaos by utilizing his chaos meter to cause a random event to occur, either hurting or helping the player, or just uniquely strange.

Post Special Attack Narrative: Rand freaks out at the power of Fixer’s Power Meter, at how it twist and warps the reality around them, for a random result.

Note 2: As Fixer’s health goes down he increases the frequency of the chaos meter, as a form of desperation, and causes more chaotic happenings to occur.

Note 3: Fixer’s bodyguards, Moe and Joe, have gotten stronger since the last fight, as well as attaining two special attacks “Sneed” that reduces the stats of the opponents, and “Feed” one that heals ally’s damage and increases stats.

Note 4: Rand’s Construct ability builds dice that can be rolled, that annoys Fixer as he feels like he’s being mocked.

But the real feature of the dice is that it can affix the randomness gimmick to a number shown a dice, so by knowing beforehand which random attack is assigned to a number, it’s easier to evade.

Objective: Defeat Fixer Once Again!

Clear Conditions: A win occurs when Fixer’s health goes down to zero. A loss occurs if either Claus’s, Rand’s, or Marie’s health go down to zero.

Post-Fight Narrative: As Fixer is kvetching that he cannot believe he fell again to those meddling kids, he begins laughing as a madman as he rapidly twists a knob on the chaos meter nonstop, and the ground starts to shake rapidly.

Claus shouts to Fixer to stop and that he doesn’t know what he’s doing, as well as the bodyguards whom show signs of being worried, and before Fixer can reply with a snarky comeback, a boulder comes flying and slamming into Fixer as he gets he shot up in the sky Team Rocket style.

Everyone looks up, and Rand comments that he’s probably dead. As Fixer’s bodyguards run after their boss’s soaring corpse.
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