3.49 Interactive “Quarterfinals: Vs. Team Tazmilly”

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Field: Porky’s Palace: Porky’s Colosseum

Pre-Fight Narrative: As the two teams line up facing each other on the ring, the tournament announcer, announces the both teams and their team leaders.

The team leader, Bronson when asked on why he is participating as the tournament, says he seeks to give Tazmilly Village proper representation within the Empire.

Claus thinks to himself how this finally the time to prove that he has surpassed the best from his old home.

Porky who is watching from above, announces the gimmick for this fight is Fog of War and declares it to be summoned into the arena.

As the fog of the war spreads throughout the arena, Lighter and Thomas rushes at Marie before the match starts. Thomas throws a thunder bomb to stun both Claus and Rand, and Lighter takes the log he is holding to entrap tightly Marie by the neck, as they both rush back into the fog of war.

Bronson demands the other team to forfeit the match or the girl dies.

Rand tries to plea with Porky that isn’t this against the rules, but Porky says he doesn’t really care, if someone dies. Whatever, it’s more fun like that.

Rand says they need to think carefully on how to approach this, as Claus with a dark demeanor enveloping over his face, says that he cannot believe that his village would resort to these tactics, and vows to make them pay for their transgressions.

Scenario: Team Tribulation fight Team Tazmilly whom begin by threatening Marie, who needs to be rescued within in the fog of war, then take out the three villagers.

Note 1: Each member of Team Tazmilly has their own role to play, Lighter is responsible for keeping Marie away from the party, Thomas will distract the party and sometimes attack from afar, and Bronson will primarily engage the party.

Note 2: Bronson has a special move called Boxer’s Revolt, which increases Bronson’s evasion and attack.

Note 3: There is a stress meter for Team Tazmilly, which under certain conditions will cause Marie’s health to go down, and Claus’s rage to go up.

Note 4:
Rand’s construct ability builds night-vision goggles to see better through the fog. Though it will take a few turns to build with a one for unit limitation.

Objective: Defeat Team Tazmily!

Clear Conditions: A win occurs when Bronson’s, Lighter’s, and Thomas’s health go down to zero or in a state of restrained by Rand. A loss occurs if either Claus’s, Rand’s or Marie’s health go down to zero.

Post-Fight Narrative: As Team Tazmilly loses, the tournament announcer declares Team Tribulation the victor of this match.

Bronson tries to apologize for their subversive actions, but Claus is not having it, and says he’s lost all respect for the men of Tazmilly.

Pork Trooper who had been watching tells Claus in crowd, says good job on securing their victory, and adds that he was curious to see how strong Team Tazmilly was, as Pork Trooper comments that they are still a shadow of their former selves before their memories were wiped, though that is a good thing with circumstances how they are.
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