3.54 Interactive “Semifinals: Vs. Team Transhumance”

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Field: Porky’s Palace: Porky’s Colosseum

Scenario: Team Tribulation’s second round in King P’s Tournament is against Team Transhumance, a team led by Fassad with two giant robots called STEVE and ADAMIE.

Earlier, Fassad unveiled his C9-60 machine gun and will continually fire at Team Tribulation, so Claus and Marie must work in synchronization to block and deflect all the bullets fired with a nonstop subconscious telekinesis.

Note 1: This level has a special mechanic called Synchronization which require the two units of either Claus and Marie or STEVE and ADAMIE to stand in a straight line on the field to concentrate on their focus.

Claus and Marie’s synchronization will allow them to protect themselves from Fassad’s bullets, while STEVE’s and ADAMIE Synchronization will allow them to enact reaction abilities during Team Tribulation’s turn, like protecting Fassad, cross-healing, and if one of the robots is defeated, the other robot will resurrect the fallen other.

Note 2: The closer two synchronizable units are, the more synchronizing they achieve, if the bar goes to 100 percent it allows for a special team attack to be activated.

For Claus and Marie the special attack is called “Shock Surgery” which allows them break apart the robots’ outer defenses to significantly reduce their defense stat.

While, STEVE’s and ADAMIE’s special attack is called “Psychedelic Sinew” which is a dangerous light show of laser beams that lasts a few turns, as the trio needs to dodge the attacks, while staying in sync.

Note 3: Rand’s Construct ability allows him to make an unlimited supply of banana peels that can be thrown a few spaces in any direction that can cause any of the units to slip on it, and can be used to reduce the opponent’ synchronization.

Note 4: While Fassad’s is holding down the trigger and firing bullets, sometimes Fassad frees his hand from the machine gun, to throws bombs and lamp oil.

Note 5: Typically if one of the units tries to attack Fassad, one of the robots will step in the way and protect him and taking the damage. However, if the synchronization of Team Transhumance is around zero, the attack will land on Fassad and results in him ending the match early.

Note 6: Also, If the match lasts an hour in real time, Fassad runs out of bullets and the next scene automatically plays with some dialogue changes.

Defeat Team Transhumance!

Clear Conditions: A win occurs when both “STEVE” and “ADAMIE” robots are synonymously have their health reduced to zero or a hour expires in real-time. A loss occurs when either Claus’s, Rand’s and Marie’s health goes down to zero.
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