3.6 Interactive “Scouter Training”

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Field: Sunshine Forest

Pre-Fight Narrative: Pork Trooper comments that there should still be some chimeras to dispose of in the forest and they can make great training exercises.

Pork Trooper standing apart from Claus, instructs Claus on how to use the acquired scouter in battle.

Pork Trooper says that to truly master the art of war, one must be multiple steps ahead of the opponent to be able to control the battlefield.

By using the scouter, it scans the opponent and produces a simulation of scenarios, that are steps ahead. Claus must use this information to plan out multiple turn strategies, as future opponents will be much more difficult to defeat in the future.

Scenario: Claus with his newly acquired scouter, must use its feature in order to defeat the Mecha Lions in Sunshine Forest.

Note: The Almost Mecha-Lions opponents use abilities and attacks close to their Mother 3 counterparts, along with some new ones to make the strategic aspect of the battle challenging.

Objective: Defeat the Mecha Lion King, using the newly acquired scouter!

Clear Conditions: To win, the Mecha Lion King Chimera’s health goes down to zero. A loss occurs if Claus’s health goes down to zero.

Post-fight Narrative: As the Mecha-Lions are defeated, Pork Trooper says that is enough training for now, and they begin their journey back to New Pork City.

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