3.60 Interactive “Finals: Vs. Team Tonda Gossa Phase 1”

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Field: Porky’s Palace: Porky’s Colosseum

Scenario: In the Finals of the Pork Tournament, Team Tribulation faces off Team Tonda Gossa, which features fighting Pork Trooper, Pete, and Chad in a forced death battle.

Note 1: Pork Trooper has his abilities from Mother 3, and a special move called “Smackdown” which causes massive damage to all opponents near him, but has a long cool down.

Note 2: Rand’s construct ability creates a piece of DCMC apparel, that is used to keep Pork Trooper occupied for sometime, so the trio could focus defeating Pete and Chad. Although, each time it’s used on Pork Trooper the captivating effect is lessened.

Note 3: Pete has a special move called “Work out” which has him doing a funny work out dance with stretches and curls which, which attracts men from the audience to come and stretch with him, as well as raising the stats of Team Tonda Gossa, and depending how many men gather, they might attack Team Tribulation if they are near the edge of the ring.

Note 4: Chad has the special move called “Allure” which has him ripping his shirt and flexing his muscles in a seductive dance to woo the girls in the audience to come to near the arena, as well as lowering the stats of Team Tribulation. Depending on the amount of women gather, they may throws their bras over to the members to Team Tonda Gossa to increase their stats further.

Note 5: It is possible to woo the girls and gain the support of the men in the audience, by winning over the crowd, though if Claus woos too many girls over and they throw their bras over in mass to Claus, Marie will receive a huge stat decrease and trigger an mid-fight narrative where she is upset at Claus.

Note 6: Pork Trooper has various new moves that are tribute names of DCMC songs.

Objective: Defeat Team Tonda Gossa!

Clear Conditions: To proceed into the phase transition, Pete’s and Chad’s health go down to zero and Fierce Pork Trooper’s health goes down to 80 percent; or Fierce Pork Trooper’s health goes down to fifty percent. A loss occurs when either Claus’s, Rand’s, or Marie’s health goes down to zero.
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