3.61 Interactive “Finals: Vs. Team Tonda Gossa Phase 2”

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Field: Porky’s Palace: Porky’s Colosseum
Music: DCMC: Yeah! Yeah! Fight! Fight!

Phase Transition Narrative: Pork Trooper moans in dissatisfaction that Claus has so much latent potential in him, that he’s still not using, nor cognizant of.

Claus remarks he’s right that he can’t exert more of his power, as he can’t bring himself to kill one of few people who was good to him.

Pork Trooper scoffs at Claus’s pathetic behavior, and tells him that life is fucking cruel and he should never not take own damn side, and Pork Trooper takes out a strange knife from his pocket and stabs it through his chest with inconvenient pain.

Claus, kerfuffled, says he’s not asking for a handicap, and in response, Pork Trooper points a finger at him and tells Claus to shut the fuck up.

Pork Trooper tells Pete and Chad to leave the arena because things are about to intensify a great degree.

Pete and Chad leave the arena with curious looks upon by the confused audience, as they chatter about why would Team Tonda Gossa hurt their own chances to win.

Pork Trooper pulls out his knife, and rather spraying out blood, a white liquid pours over his hand and the rest into a small vial he took, which he drops to the floor, and slams his foot down onto it shattering all over the arena with a tremor.

Pork Trooper calls over the Tournament Announcer, and takes his microphone by force and after a vague monologue, reveals to the whole audience that they about to see a god being born today, from the actions of the Über Devil.

Which on cue turns the color Pork Trooper’s horns to glow a demonic red, as he destroys the microphone in his fist.

Pork Trooper charges into the trio and pushes Claus onto floor, and picks up Marie and Rand with both arms by their necks and starts choking them.

As Marie and Rand convulse and beg for mercy in the saddest of tones, Pork Trooper looks down at Claus and tells him that it’s his fault for trying to escape their destined duel.

Pork Trooper chokes the two so hard that their faces turn a bright red, and as Claus begs Pork Trooper to stop, Rand’s and Marie’s heads pop like a balloons, as their blood splatters all over Claus.

Claus sits there thunderstruck, that his role model would do such a cruel and evil thing to his friends.

As Claus starts to stand up, he starts to feel a rage building up in him, as the power hidden within him starts exerting out of him in full mass, as he cannot control it no longer.

Claus begins to levitate in the air, and since power building up needs a body to contain it, Claus’s body begins to evolve rapidly to sustain the growth in power.

Claus screams are heard across the arena, as the audience see a floating ball of light emitting lighting, where Claus once was.

Soon the light fades, and falls onto the floor, revealing Claus in his new ascended transformative state with levitating bright gold hair and a lighting aura encompassing him.

Claus coins the name of his new form as “Thunderstruck”.

[Photo of Claus’s Thunderstruck Form]

Pork Trooper crosses his arm as he states he is impressed to see that Claus has finally brought out what was inside of him, and now become a worthy opponent to fight the death.

Claus extremely furious but in control, states how he has suffered because he couldn’t save those close to him whom he cared about, but it’s different now for he has become a god.

Claus points to Pork Trooper and states he was betrayed by others who he trusted, but instead of letting the hate take hold of him like before and bring misery to the world. He shall be forgiving as long as the devils don’t oppose his benevolence.

Pork Trooper shouts that he does oppose Claus and he shall never reach the seat of commander for he will destroy his righteousness now before the whole world.

Claus roars his anger out as he begins stomping towards Pork Trooper. As the epic battle between a god and a devil commences in full force.

Scenario: After killing Rand and Marie, Pork Trooper enrages Claus to use more of his PSI potential, as Claus evolves into his new Thunderstruck form and fights Pork Trooper.

Note 1: No Healing, Claus only, Max Potential.

Note 2: Claus remains in his thunderstruck form the entire match, having the player make full use of his new moves and increases stats.

Note 3: Pork Trooper has a new special mode he enters after a few turns called “Augment v. Fallout” which temporarily causes the tournament arena to bend into an irrational three dimensional cage match environment, more obscure than Pokémon Platinum’s distortion world

In this field alteration, Claus must overcome and evade Pork Trooper’s throwing of irrational shaped objects in irrational directions

Note 4: During “Augment v. Fallout” with Thunderstruck mode on, Claus can launch a Thunder Fist attack to launch Pork Trooper against the wall, which begins to shake the field like if it was cube regaining equilibrium.

The more Claus bounces Pork Trooper on to the wall, it eventually knocks the environment onto another side, as it gives Claus an opportunity to deal a large hit of damage onto Pork Trooper.

Objective: Defeat Über Devil Pork Trooper!

Clear Conditions: A phase transition occurs when Pork Trooper’s health goes down to ten percent, A loss occurs when Claus’s health goes down to zero.
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