3.62 Interactive “Finals: Vs. Team Tonda Gossa Phase 3”

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Field: Porky’s Palace: Porky’s Colosseum

Phase Transition Narrative: As the environment transitions back to the Tournament Arena but updated to look like they came out of a war zone.

Pork Trooper returning his coloration to normal, beckons to Claus that he can finish the job, he can kill the motherfucker who murdered his friends.

Or else Claus will forever curdle as a weakling who couldn’t even avenge them, like his dear mother, ripped to shreds.

Claus screams loudly and shakes the stadium and goes into his thunderstruck form to end this fight.

Scenario: As their faces are bloody and their stamina exhausted, the fight transitions to a traditional fist fight, where Thunderstruck Claus and Pork Trooper duel to the death with cinematic hard punches and heavy blows.

Note 1: This is the first of three 3D model vs. 3D model close encounter matches.

As this is takes place in a ring, this would resemble like an epic boxing match.

The way this part of the fight works is that in real time, the player needs to choose from the options available in quick succession to perform a block, dodge, attack, in various manners and directions, in contrast to the opponent’s moves.

Note 2: As Pork Trooper’s health goes below one percent, Claus does a finishing move as he grabs Pork Trooper by the horns and flies him up, and then pummels him down head first through the arena creating a huge hole.

Then Claus smashes repeatedly with with his lighting-covered fists against Pork Trooper’s face, as the exertion of power that radiates off his blows causes the Tournament Arena to become more and more destroyed from the center out, eventually disintegrating it for all the audience to see.

Claus mounts Pork Trooper, and tightly clenching his neck and uses his body as an electric conduit to electrify Pork Trooper with all his rage with the intent to kill.

Claus then places his feet on top Pork Trooper’s chest, and slams him against the rubble repeatedly, as blood begins to pump out from Pork Trooper’s metal face mask and onto the rubble, as Claus has finally decisively defeated the Fierce Pork Trooper.

Objective: Kill Pork Trooper!

Clear Conditions:
Victory occurs, when Pork Trooper’s health goes down to zero. A loss occurs if Claus’s health goes down to zero.

[Picture of Thunderstruck Claus fighting Pork Trooper]
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