3.64 Interactive “Special Round: Vs. NKC Prototype”

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Field: Destroyed Tournament Arena plus Audience Stands
Music: Porky Tournament Theme (Epic)

Scenario: After Claus pissed off Porky of not playing by his stupid rules. Porky decides to send the Natural Killer Cyborg Prototype after Claus and Pork Trooper for their disobedience.

Note 1: Pork Trooper is playable for the first time, and the player will have to adapt to his play style without the blanket of comfort.

Note 2: As the NKC Prototype has it’s health lowered, it goes into various modes.

Until health goes down to 70 percent, the NKC Prototype will begin the match in Ground Mode which has the Mech directly attacking Claus and Pork Trooper in close-quarters combat, with the various mechanical arms that hit and throw.

Note 3: When the NKC Prototype goes below 70 percent health it switches to Missile Mode, that begins with a cinematic of it smashing itself backwards into the audience stand, causing massive panic and a stampede of those attempting to flee.

Then the NKC begins to fire missiles from that location that fly all over destroying all sorts of targets indiscriminately.

Not only does it fire missiles during this mode, but it will begin to also throw the audience members at Claus and Pork Trooper.

Pre-Desperation Narrative:
When the NKC’s Prototypes’s health is below twenty percent, a cinematic plays of Claus, Pork Trooper, and the NKC prototype jumping back on to the ruins of the Tournament Arena.

The NKC Prototype opens it’s cannon hatch and fires a large beam continuously, and Claus stalls the blow by firing back a continual beam with his arm cannon, creating a beam struggle between them.

As Claus begins to win the beam struggle, Porky asks mischievously if Claus would blow up his robot, with his friends held hostage.

On cue, the NKC Prototype uses it’s hooks to grab both Marie and Rand, and hold them up hostage.

Porky warns Claus if he destroys the NKC Prototype, his friends will die at his hand.

As the beam struggle goes into Porky’s advantage, Pork Trooper jumps in and holds back the laser with his hands, and tells Claus he’s giving him the time to free his comrades, but make it quick, as though he may be strong, he will tire out in minutes.

Note 4:
The Final Desperation Mode of the NKC Prototype, occurs when it’s health goes below 20 percent and engages it’s Desperation Attack “End of the King Beam” that is held back by Pork Trooper, who’s health is going down in real time.

Claus needs to free Rand and Marie by damaging the claws arms, watch them both do a cinematic attack for massive damage against NKC Prototype, then finish the opponent off with a button-press thunderstruck beam struggle.

Note 5: Claus and Pork Trooper are still noticeably exhausted by the previous match, so they will begin the special round with low stats.

However, during NKC Prototype’s ground mode part of the match, Marie will offer heal spots for Claus to go to, while Rand will start throwing DCMC merchandise that Pork Trooper could go and grab; that will gradually raise their stats back to normal.

Note 6: If Claus attempts to attack Porky-bot with PK Lightning during the Missile Mode part, he conveniently escapes out of the way in a clumsy cowardly fashion, then blends into panicked crowd for his own protection.

However, since Porky is remotely controlling the NKC Prototype, it will halt temporarily, as he regains ground.

Objective: Defeat the Natural Killer Cyborg Prototype!

Clear Conditions: A win occurs when NKC Prototype’s health goes down to zero. A loss occurs if either Claus’s or Pork Trooper’s health go down to zero.
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