Avatar the Last Airbender Review


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Favorite Book?
Book 2. It clearly had the best writing and concepts.
Though, I think Book 1 had the best humor as it was pretty based.
I would say I liked 14/20 episodes from Book 1, 17/20 episodes from Book 2, and 16/21 episodes from Book 3.

Favorite Bending?:
Earthbending. It looks the coolest. Blood Bending would probably be my favorite subtype.

Least Favorite Bending?:
Airbending. It's the most boring and could've been expanded upon.

Would it have it been better if Avatar wasn't a Kid's Show?
I dunno, on one side the military drama was presented fine, though it was a bit silly to step around the horrors of war. I think Avatar is like a child's first dark comedy, it could be seen as a gateway to more serious and adult content, without having the transition be too dramatic.

What I would've liked to see:
-At least one major character death, Katara or Iroh would've been prime candidates
-Aang sacrificing his Avatar State
-Other multi-benders.
-The Last Airbender lore
-Rationalizing the point of the Ozai's Scorched Earth plan.
-Iroh's past with the spirits
-Giving the water tribe more land to adventure through
-Azula being the hidden puppetmaster of the hundred year war.

Things I appreciated:
-Book 3's alt outfits
-"Hello, Zuku here." moment
-Character roasting in the series semi-finale.
-"The Library" episode
-Didn't make the Fire Nation an evil people or evil ideology, just a few degenerated leaders

The main six ranked from most liked to least liked.
Iroh: Easily the best written and charming character out of the main six. Too bad Book 3 made him into a recurring minor character, and I would've really like to see his badass escape sequence from prison.

Aang: He grew on me, he started off a bit of a clique gary sue hero-type, but once his selfish internal conflict really begins in Episode 12 that's when the character starts getting good. Being a flawed character who forsaken the world and indirectly caused so much misery with blood on his hands, Aang was always only a few steps away from snapping. Book 2 was Aang at his best, while Book 3 sorta reverted Aang on his character growth, but I doubt Aang's growth was always supposed to be a reflection to Zuko's.

Zuko: His "cat and mouse" dilemma with capturing the Avatar was pretty good. His metamorphosis in Book 2 was done well. I like how he becomes humiliated and essentially "a loser" by the end of Book 3. his whole "Hello, Zuko here" moment being an example of how far he fall from his original portrayed tough guy persona.

Sokka: Good comedic relief character. His face is bland, but makes it up with his humor. Him playing around with the ladies is pretty based.

Katara: Her waterbending growth pacing is somewhat hard to believe, as Book 1 she quickly was surpassed by Aang then after the Northern Water Tribe Arc her abilities exponentially grow far surpassing Aang's. I think blood bending should been introduced earlier and used more, since developing Katara into a darker character would've been interesting, though I suppose a potential season four would fix that issue. She also did get annoying and overly emotional at certain moments.

Toph: Toph is just an awkward and weird character that overstays her presence on the screen. The problem when you add someone with a disability like blindness into a story, that disability becomes their whole identity and they aren't presented in harmony with the rest of the group. It's almost like half of her lines are reminding the viewer she is blind, yet she is OP to compensate. Also, I dunno what they were trying to imply with the foot fetish, it's stupid and hurts the show's reputation.

Comments on other characters:
Admiral Zhao: I respect his ambition.

Long Feng: Interesting non-Fire Nation villain who hid a war and brainwashed civilians, makes you wonder if he's more evil than the Fire Nation.

Princess Azula -Azula's mental collapse in the series's finale was well written and executed. Though would've preferred if Azula backstabbed Ozai, than Ozai essentially backstabbing Azula.

Firelord Ozai : He felt too generic as the main antagonist, and should've had a better voice equal than better than Long Feng. Zuko & Katara vs. Firelord Azula was a much more interesting final fight. He also had barely any scenes in the series, so I was not attached to his character


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I might be wrong but Iroh would've had a more stronger presence in Book 3 however, the tragic death of Mako was very suddent to the cast, creators and whole production so Iroh's role was reduced in Book 3. The Tales of Ba Sing Se is considered even more sad for that reason alone since it was one of the last episodes Mako recorded in his life and aired shortly after his death.

Honestly although I do agree Toph's blind jokes do get old quickly and her sarcasm doesn't hit, I did enjoy her talk with Iroh about her learning it's okay to need help and be cared for by people, it's when all they wanna do is pity you is when it goes to far, cus people want to be cared for not pitied.

Ozai was never the strongest villain in the series and Mark Hamil's performance does seem one of his weakest but to be honest, how can you outperfom the Joker in voice acting.

Long feng was my favourite of the villains besides Azula, the way they wrote political corruption was very well executed especially since they were infact limited to Nickelodeon censorship. (literally 1984 lol)

If you do want more from the series, go check out the comics which explain some loose ends like Zuko's mother and what not and if you're really interested, check out Korra, though beware the show is very polorizing for some and Book 2 is in my opinion the worst season of Avatar in general, because it will give you more lore on Avatar that they couldn't do in the show due to either pacing or production issues.

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If you think Airbeding needs expanding you need to watch Legend Of Korra, in that one there's a really big focus on all the cools tuff airbeinders can do since there are more of them