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Here's where you can submit your Contest #16 "Draw your Favorite Earthbound Series Item" Art Submissions.

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Davi J.O

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Stielhandgranate.png My favorite item in Mother 1 is the bomb. It deals a great damage to any kinds of enemies and defeating them is easier. If mother adds a ''potato masher'' bomb, that could be a great Idea to defeat an enemy in one second. (Why is it called potato masher bomb? During the second world war, the Germans used these stick grenades to throw at enemies, and it has a similar shape to a potato masher too! And that is how it got its name.)
I drew and coloured this on Pixel Studio.
(P.S @Zheyno You can add this in the community item too.)
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Davi J.O

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Stielhandgranate Super (1).png (Potato Masher Super, Now mounted with four Super bombs!)

Super bomb mounting.png (Super Bomb, I know, the design looks similar to Mega Man's energy tank. But it's inspired from this picture below. This super bomb can be used to defeat Starmen Robots.)

Screenshot 2022-09-12 17.33.14.png (If you want to see the pixel art very clear, click the picture to see the inside!)
Will you be submitting a drawing of a ā€œRulerā€ before the submission deadline of September 31st?
Ye, this custom item icon. Only because for the longest time I thought it increased your accuracy so I used before every fight, before having internet access and discovering I was wasting a turn.
earthbound ruler (1).png