Contest Hosting

I aim to make Contest #10 the last contest I host for awhile. Therefore since I am taking a hiatus, I shall expand the franchise of Hosting a Contest to the Community.

All you need to do if you wish to host a Contest is:

-Contact Me
-Pick a Theme
-Draw a Compelling Promotional Picture
-Draw an Exclusive Picture to hand out to 1st-3rd place
-Create the Ruleset of how the Contest Should be Conducted

I am open to covering the prize money, so there is no need for the host to provide that.

Once I give you my approval, your Contest will be scheduled for the next Available Month

Contest Hosting Reservations

April: @wolfskunstler

May: @wolfskunstler

June: @wolfskunstler

July : @AlexQ214

August : @AlexQ214

September: @Shiniwolf

October: @Shiniwolf

November: @AlexPSI

December: [Available]
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