Earthbound Tribulation Gameplay Synopsis

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Earthbound Tribulation's Gameplay:

A chess-like strategic RPG like Advance Wars/Fire Emblem where the player commands units across a field to clear an objective. The objectives are diverse in nature, but tend to be the elimination of a powerful opponent.

On the question of Playable Units:

There are two different kinds of controllable units, “Main Units” and “Minor Units”:

Main Units (Ex. Claus, Marie, Rand, Etc.):

Main Units are much like your traditional RPG characters with a wide assortment of attacks and abilities, that grow more powerful throughout the journey.

Minor Units (Ex. Pigmasks, Etc.):

Minor Units are expendable units limited in their abilities and are meant to move around strategically around the map precisely to achieve a decisive victory.

On the question of RPG Leveling:

There is no grinding, nor bonuses to be carried over to the next level based off player performance. The game will test the skill of the player on a level-to-level basis.

On the question of pre-planning:

There is no pre-planning before levels, like chess you start off with a select number of pieces and must decisively use those pieces to clear a level.

Without proper planning, the player will see his/her team get stomped by the opponent or in a position of being soft-locked from securing victory.

On the question of how this unique to similar games:

This Strategy Game is a lot more unpredictable as you progress throughout the game, so much so, that it isn't repetitive and forces the player to use their creative thinking skills more and more.

On the question of the difficulty curve:

The game gets more difficult as it goes, while still providing an epic story.

Levels 1-10 are soft tutorials, that are story driven.
Levels 11-21 introduce the commander role of controlling minor units
Levels 22-38 expands emphasize on utilizing the game environment
Levels 39-60 are heavily gimmick focused and provide a tough challenge
Levels 61-64 are the extremely challenging long and tedious expert levels that test what the player had learned throughout the game

On the question of replayability:

The diverse levels are designed in a way so that they could be replayed
from the main menu.
Although most of the game's replayability will come from Earthbound Tribulation's side game, "King P's Glass Casino"
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