Naoki Urasawa's Monster Review


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What did you like about the show:

-I admit it was a guilty pleasure watching it, I've always heard good things about it so I wanted to see what the experience was like.
-The anime's first arc was really well written

What did you dislike about the show:

-I felt like the show went far too long and dragged its feet to a mediocre conclusion.
-Scenes get repeated over and over again, and gets a bit tedious watching them again
-Since the manga was probably written as it went, instead of being comprehensively planned out beforehand like Attack on Titan, the shows pacing isn't all that good.
-A lot of the politics didn’t age that well, and at many times it felt like fear mongering and propaganda.
-A lot of the psychological negativity didn’t age well either, as nihilism is currently mainstreamed with shows like Rick and Morty.

What did you think about the characters:

Grimmer- Grimmer is probably my favorite character in the series, as he charming, an optimist, and a few characters who completed their character arc.

Dr. Reichwein- A good hearted doctor that demonstrates his loyalty to his friends.

Roberto- I like that he comes out of norwhere and plays a dirtbag role to perfection. He’s definitely an antagontist more memorable than the main antagonist.

Kenzo Tenma - He has one of the best introductions of anime protagonist. His internal struggle of saving life and taking life is interesting. Though, the last third of the series he noticeably lost a lot of his charm, so his later saint-like actions become bland in comparison.

Inspector Lunge: If Kenzo Tenma is a Jean Valjean, then Inspector Lunge is this show’s Javert. You can tell he is highly passionate about his work and does what he can to solve the murder cases, while playing cat and mouse with Tenma.

Eva Hienemann: She‘s a character that gets better over the show’s lifespan.

Johan: He’s only a good character in the one arc in where he gets close to Hans George Schuwald, the rest of time he‘s not that great of a character.

Dieter: He's good kid, but doesn't really contribute much to the story in proportion to the screen-time he has. He's just an extra helping hand.

Nina Fortner: She has a pretty face, but she screams and whines way too much that her in-show appearances become hard to bare.