Thoughts on Return to Monkey Island


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I decided to play the promoted final entry of the Monkey Island Adventure Game Series, as I am a general fan of the series and was intrigued for an explanation of Monkey Island 2‘s Ending.


-The artstyle was my favorite part of the game

-The writing and voice acting were good, but felt like no progress in the advancement of the formula

-Felt short and easier in comparison to other entries, and there’s not really a point to the difficulty setting

-The Characters are great, if one were to assume that the game takes place in a post modern, hyper reality setting.

-The game would’ve honestly been better off if the main character was actually going senile with age, like Moby Dick of trying to find the Secret of Monkey Island, only for the obsession eat him up and perhaps making him an oblivious antagonist with all the bad actions he has taken throughout the adventure.

-There’s clearly a COVID-19 inspired subplot in the game that shows how absurd the American conversation is going, not just partisan, but with both the politically left and the right. Obviously the developers are too engrained in the American Experience, to see that their mindset is degenerated in comparison to the rest of the civilized world.

The Ending:

I’m honestly tired with game developers being stupid with their endings in trying to make a pointless philosophical statement rather than writing a real conclusion to a story.

It was a terrible ending that threw a whole game’s build up into the trash for a lousy meta joke, that the same developer did already on multiple occasions with better audience reception.

The hubris and arrogance of the developer is insulting because if his creativity has peaked or otherwise lacking effort to finish a story, he shouldn’t give people the wrong impression of everything being essentially arbitrary and sincere.

I don’t know if I want to recommend the game, as it doesn’t really have a rational ending, albeit the solid buildup.