Thoughts on Sonic Colors Ultimate


Staff member
I’m still playing the game to 100 percent, but since I‘ve cleared the game I will lay down my first impressions (I didn’t play Sonic Colors on Wii).

-The graphics look really good on my television, I like the aesthetic of of the aesthetically appealing zones like
-I’m glad that Sega allowed players to play early, more companies should do this with digital releases
-Better and Longer Stages than Sonic Forces
-Wisps are cool, especially Cyan Laser and Pink Spikes Wisps.

-Game froze on Aquarium Park Act 6, the same Act was my least favorite
-Accidentally Trying Again on the Results Screen doesn’t clear the level, forcing the player to replay the level
-Weak Story
-The Cutscenes should’ve been reanimated, they look way out of place in this version