2.5 Scene “Dropped off in the Slums”

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Stage: New Pork Slums
Music: Re: Hard Rain

Narrative: Pork Trooper drives Claus around the poverty section of New Pork City in his Pork Bean, as Claus looks out the window and is surprised how different everything is to Tazmilly Village.

Pork Trooper begins a monologue, as he explains that most of the inhabitants of the Empire live in extreme poverty due to the social conditions and because of their misfortunes living in a shithole, it has resulted in much crime and misery.

Pork Trooper explains that New Pork City is divided by two distinct districts, “New Pork Central” and the much larger “New Pork Slums”.

The area they see before them is the “New Pork Slums” and to reach “New Pork Central” where the pleasant folk live, he would need to gain permission to cross the bridge that divides the two districts.

Pork Trooper stops by an unclean brothel and tries to scare Claus by pointing towards the diseased prostitutes and tells Claus that these are the kinds of filthy people, who live in the slums. Claus agrees that she is repulsive, but he will just have to get used to it.

They hear a gunshot and Pork Trooper drives towards the scene and shows Claus the dead body. Pork Trooper says on average, that one person dies each hour in slums due to the high crime. But, Claus responds by saying he is not weak and no one will mess with him.

Finally, Pork Trooper takes him over to a disturbing homeless shelter, as he asks Claus what he likes to eat.

As Claus lists out his favorites meals, Pork Trooper opens the car window invites the atrocious food smell to come into the vehicle as Claus shows signs of being about to barf.

Pork Trooper cracks a joke that they must be serving human fetuses today, yum yum. As he adds that Claus better get used to it, as this is the new cuisine he will have live off of.

Claus stubbornly tells Pork Trooper, he can handle it as it can’t be that bad.

As they circle back to the hospital, Pork Trooper says this is last chance to back out; but, Claus says with absolute stubbornness, that everything around him is completely fine and he is not backing out.

Pork Trooper gives up on trying to move an unmovable object, as he tells Claus sarcastically, “Welcome to Hell” as he throws him out onto the road, turning on a music station, and driving away.

Claus gets up and rubs off the dirt from his hospital gown, as he says the first things he needs to do is:

1. Reunite with Marie and;

2. Find something better to wear.

Claus walks towards a back alley as he hears a recognizable girl’s screams and rushes over.

<<Flash Forward>>

Claus finds Marie as she is being harassed by two gangsters and what looks like their boss.

The gang boss is drunk and pleasing himself by scooping ice cream from a container, and throwing it at the poor girl.

One of the gangsters commends his boss by saying he has just reached a high score, and the boss chuckles with glee.

Claus runs over to the gang and demands them to stop humiliating her.

Instead of backing away, the drunken gang is entertained by the kid’s nerve, and throws a scoop of ice cream at Claus, as he says they should be grateful he’s just bulling her by throwing ice cream at her face, instead of doing something creepy to her body.

The gang boss throws another scoop of ice cream, at Claus. However, Claus catches it, to the boss’s dismay.

One of the drunken gang members say “Aw, Spades. You lost! A few more points and you’ve gained the title of the Cream Master!” as this comment teaches Claus this gang leader’s name.

As Spades starts to leave from boredom, Claus demands Spades to fight him. As Spades waves off his invitation and tells him to buzz off to mommy.

Claus goes over to Marie and asks her if she is okay, and as he cleans off the ice cream off her body, he notices a scrap of blood on her face.

Claus immediately gets enraged at the gang for harming Marie.

Without thinking of the consequences, Claus grabs a blunt rock on ground and throws it directly at Spade’s head causing a bloody wound to the back of his head.

Immediately after, the enraged Spades signals the two other gang members turn around and murder the brats.

Spades gets closer to Claus and initiates the battle by saying “You fucked up kid! You fucked up!” As the three of them pull out expensive pocket knives.
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