[Closed] Voting for Contest #28 "Draw a Creepypasta Character"

Contest #28: Which User Do You Vote For?

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Voting closed on November 3rd at 12:00 AM ET.


#1: @Maurice Raptor


#2: @Elijahthegeeg07


#3: @velociraptorian

red boi1.png

#4: @A Flipping Thumbtac


#5: @DireKlaus

tails doll creepypasta.png

#6: @TopHatGuy

Special Vote Calculation Ruleset

-2 Votes Automatically for those who joined before April 1st, 2022.
-2 Votes on condition of having 15 Posts & 50 Reactions for those who joined between Apr. 1st-Sep. 30th, 2022.
-1 Vote for those who joined after Sep. 30th, 2022.
-An additional vote to all groups who have 50 Posts & 200 Reactions.
-If a User with more than 1 vote, wishes to split their vote they must write a post below the voting post during the voting session of how they wish to split their vote.
-Multiple Votes cast from the same IP count as 1 vote.
-Users with 0 posts & 0 reactions possess 0 voting power.
-If a Contest has 3 or less submissions, the Special Ruleset is disabled and each vote is worth one vote.
-Artworks Submitted with 50% or more Artificial Intelligence Generation are prohibited from being recognized as a legitimate contest submission.