Do you think Leder was a bad Leader?

Do you think Leder was a bad Leader?

  • Yes, he screwed over Tazmilly Village.

  • No, Leder was not a bad Leader.

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In your personal opinion, do you think Leder, (that ridiculously tall mute landmark of Tazmilly Village) was a bad leader over the course of events in Mother 3?

Good Leadership Qualities

-Assumably didn’t snitch

-Kept unnecessary information to himself (wasn’t a loudmouth)

-Naturally imposing

Bad Leadership Qualities

-Kept up a facade past the point of relevance

-Lacked faith in his subordinates

-Hypocritically accuses Porky of brainwashing, when he himself took part in brainwashing the memories of Tazmilly Village

-Literally tells Lucas and Co. that there really isn’t a point in fighting the Porky Empire (World had already ended)


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It's kind of weird, because he did all these stuff with good intentions and also because he was fearful of people potentially returning back to the materialistic roots these people come from, but I do feel there should have been trust and faith to lead the people in a more grounded way. And if you think about it, I feel really bad for him for being the only one keeping the memories of the previous society, in a sense, he was lonely.


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For the most part, there wasn't really anything he could do.

He certainly couldn't have told anyone pre-chapter 4. I doubt he knew about Lucas being able to pull the needles.
By the time Lucas was in a state to where he could be disclosed the secrets, Leder had already been locked up.

However, when the time came he told Lucas everything he'd needed to know and gave him the motivation to fight for the final needle.

So I think he did his job properly.