Does Giygas Creep You Out?

Does Giygas Creep you out?

  • Yes, Giygas creeps me.

  • No, I'm not scared of Giygas

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Fears or no fears from anonymous Giygas community:

-Giygas never creeped me out, because my brain was still undeveloped
-The unsettling music in the cave of the past and the Giygas battle plus circumstances in getting to him made the whole thing feel uneasy.
-Giygas creeps me out as a teen, and will forever.
-Giygas didn’t creep me out, but he did “weird” me out...


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It isn't "creepy" for me, though it's very, very unsettling. I usually have that feeling with psicological horror games. They aren't scary, they are just very unsettling (for me).


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Quite a traumatic thing from what Itoi experienced(from his childhood, he was eight years old). But somehow he managed to convey it like a demonic alien. And still it creeps me as well as his multiple creepy visages.
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