EarthBound Feature Idea: Driving

Should a Future EarthBound entry have a vehicle control feature?

  • A: Yes

    Votes: 5 100.0%
  • B: No

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Davi J.O(''Retro-Man'')

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Why not that kind of feature? I was thinking of adding a vehicle control concept to my game. And the player can drive wherever they want. It is faster, efficient, and advantageous! What do you all think?


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Well, in MOTHER, there was a train. In EarthBound, there was a bus and in MOTHER 3, there were the pigmask vehicles.

Those only worked for certain areas, though. For the most part (Except in MOTHER 3) there was PK Teleport. I heard it was originally going to appear, though, and that Kumatora was going to be the one capable to do it