Friendship Challenge #4: Share your Favorite Piece of Humor


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Hmm... Well I gotta say that these weird Team Fortress 2 animations made by a 3D animator named Raxxo on Youtube were always such a treat to watch back then for me! This one is one of my favorites:

Maurice Raptor

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Okay, so I basically laugh at really dumb things.
Examples of things I think is: (Warning: Loud, also some swearing I guess.)
Joel is one of the single funniest people Ive ever seen on the internet, I completely agree.
I like the Eric andre pranks. It's funnier because most people do pranks that harm the bussinesses they prank, but Andre arranges it with them and pays for everything he breaks, nothing its done without noticing the people in charge, they only don't tell the people that work in there so they get a real reaction and only show them when they agree to it.

Also idk why but this kind of videos are so dumb and stupid I cant help but to love them.