Game Idea: ''Chronological Conflict''

Davi J.O(''Retro-Man'')

(Your local Retroman since 2021)
This might sound strange that my retro vs cyberpunk saga sets a little bit too backwards. Let's go then, the game takes place in 2029 Japan, during the events of Ghost In The Shell, when Motoko is looking for the puppeteer. But we have another foe, Makinami Kuragari(Kuragari Makinami). The founder of Makinami Tech. It all began on June 7, 1959 mid summer. A twenty five woman named Alina McGoldrick was working part-time in a thrift store for women and men. She had to close the shop due to the closing time at 21:30 PM. Then Alina checked through the whole store if everything was in order. Alina checked his boss' office since he left early at 20:50 as well. While she checked in the office Alina found a strange looking watch. It is big, futuristic and yet heavy like a Pip-Boy 3000. As she puts the watch on the table with her hands facing the wall, she presses a red button and the watch releases a cannon and opens a portal to travel through time. Alina and the heavy watch dives in a canal in Tokyo and swims to the edge. Her mission is to take down Mr Makinami before he starts the ''Chronological Conflict'' with his ''Chronological Beast''.
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