Halloween Challenge: Tell a Scary Story


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Okay, I was riding a 56' GMC pickup on friday evening 13th of july half past six riding on a highway for home to Jakarta from my game studio. The night sky was clear and the moon is full, even the atmosphere was so calm and the area is quiet.. Until an Suzuki ambulance appeared. It was riding on the same highway and for a same destination. The strange thing is that the lights are not nor even it's rear light and siren lights. I could not even see through the ambulance. It's pitched dark. Then the ambulance went on a higher velocity of 179 kilometers. I was shocked of how could he go that fast! It turn to the right, I tailed that ambulance. Suddenly the ambulance was gone... so I focused my route for home. Approximately 20 minutes later, he appeared at the back of my truck. He sped up like a possessed vehicle.. I see a writing on the rear window: "Help m..e.. S..av.e me.." I accelerated about 157 mph, to run away from that strange ambulance. I encountered a 2013 toyota police sedan. I hit my brakes abruptly and I was almost close to hit that sedan. I decided to pass through. My distance between the police was far enough. After that, I heard a loud bang behind my truck then I hit the brakes. It was that demonic ambulance that hit the police sedan and they both fell of the cliff! The ambulance's hood was burning. The policemen and policewoman tried to get out of their sedan. But it was too late for them, the ambulance exploded the officers' sedan and killing them during the process. The explosion was huge! I ran to my truck and escaped from that wacky scene... fifty six minutes later I came back home. I saw the kids and made them dinner for three of us. We showered and brushed our teeth then went to bed. I would never forget that moment..
The next morning, I ate my breakfast with a sweet and warm milk coffee and kids enjoying them. I read the morning paper. People did not know what happened during yesterday evening. And nobody even knows.. what happened to those poor officers..

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