Parallel Universe


(Your local Retroman since 2021)
I had this dream, a strange dream. I found myself in a different world. But, its difference is quite beyond the modern world, or behind the modern world. I woke up in a forest, I wore a T-shirt and trousers and leather shoes. I heard movements, they sound rather vehicular. I felt like I was sitting on something hard but comfortable. When I opened my eyes, I found myself in a city sleeping sitting on a bench. I saw the vehicles, they are short and mostly sedans(saloons in british) and coupés(one cabin car), and 3/4 pick ups with fins and two tone colours. Perhaps there are economical issues. The buildings were tall, and their designs were also strange. They did not look like in our modern style. The ecosystem really looked, amazing. Maybe the people were being preservative. I think science was an important thing in that world. The people were living in diversity, and their style looked old. Men wore hats and old-fashioned casual clothing. But women had long hair and dresses.

The languages were: Indonesian and English?? Where was I? And what was the date? I ran to a general store and asked a clerk about the date. It was 2016/7/7!
Wow... I traveled back through time.