Self-Esteem Challenge #4 Describe a Time that you had to Apologize for Something you did


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Describe a Time that you had to Apologize for Something you did Below to Complete this Challenge and to Receive this Reaction/Emote to Use on your Account.


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Maurice Raptor

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When I started high school there was this classmate that I didnt know why but I didnt like. One time we had this extremely hard assignment. It was something like make a whole movie in some weeks (clearly the teacher believed that editing was easy and we could do it in a single afternoon) and since I was the onyl one that knew how I had to edit it. This classmate had the task of collecting the clips I had to edit together and some issues ocurred and she couldnt get them to me trough email. At that point I got extrmely stressed because I had hours to edit an hour worth of clips I didnt had. The issue was that this specific teacher didnt like me because I knew how to play instruments and I did stuff faster and that angered her, so I knew that if I showed up with a half done movie she would make me come on december to redo the whole subject because I wouldnt have enough score to make it to the minimum. What I did was that in the parts I was missing I inserted a textbox that said something like "my classmate didnt get me this clip so I couldnt put it, heres the evidence" and a screenshot of the email without that clip. I was trying to not get the blame on me, but it was extremely unpolite of my part to just shift the blame in such a blunt way. Later I apologized and she didnt even remember it xD, today we're extremely good friends : ).