Self-Esteem Challenge #7: Describe a Suspicion of Something Others Think About You


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Describe a Suspicion of Something Others Think About You Below to Complete this Challenge and to Receive this Reaction/Emote to Use on your Account.
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People from elementary and Jr. High probably think I'm so kind of stiff and reserved person who doesn't like to go to parties or be someone that can socialize.
To be fair, it was until high school when I started opening myself to the world and show my true self.
But I never seen my Jr. High classmates ever since, and honestly, meh, I don't miss them too much, I don't care too much of what they think of me.
At least the teachers from that era are happy about my well being.


「Trying my best...」
I am 99% sure I'm only known as the "Art kid" at school.
Because all of my teachers talk about my art and mostly nothing else, and the only compliments I get is about my art.

Heck, I remember a few years ago I got a report card (Technically it was more like a document, since there was like 20+ pages.)
and most of it was talking about negative things about me; like my grades, my disabilities/mental health problems, times I had breakdowns, etc.
And the only positive things they talked about was my art and my dumb hyperfixations.

And I'm a bit sad about it, because if I ever die, people would probably only remember my art and nothing else,
but I also think it is a good thing, because art is the only thing I'm kinda good at lol.


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When I was growing up back in middle school, I'm pretty sure I was the horror guy. Seems cool when you hear it, but really it isn't. The amount of teacher favoritism and bullying that happens to me was immense. Pretty much sucks. Yeah, like every single school movie protagonist, I had my group of friends. Unlike every single school movie protagonist, nobody danced their problems away. Yeah it sucked. But I'm not entirely sure if it's because they thought it was weird I liked horror or they just hate me in general.

So that's why I'm mostly on the internet, chatting with complete strangers about stuff that normally, my people won't care about.