Should pixelated games have to make a return in gaming culture?


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This is might not be new for everybody. I see that at the present gaming industries seldomly develop and create pixelated games. 3D games were blooming like flowers today and ported into modern consoles. Will pixelated styles resuscitate into the modern gaming culture?

Maurice Raptor

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Obviously, they kick ass. Most 3D games look generic, without any artistic direction but "as realistic as possible". Pixel art style games usually are very distinctive from each other.


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Retro Biased Gaming is much like a Shakespeare Festival, you insert unreasonable value into the rose-tinted past because you find the present unsatisfying.


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my belief is that pixelart games are the da vinci of video games, while those "hYpeR reALisTic gRapHiCs" games are modern art of video games