The Difference between PSI Powers and Pokemon Typing Powers

A common question I've been having when it comes to my narrative project is...
"What's the point of PSI powers if Pokemon already have elemental powers?", "Why there should be a difference, doesn't involving Pokemon in a story about psychic users and PSI really redundant?".
Well today, I want to bring my own distinct points regarding the topic, specifically the difference between PSI and Typing powers in terms of The PSI Journey canon (NO STORY SPOILERS, don't worry) (This will also have subjective interpretations, feel free to give feedback).

The Meaning of Typing Powers
The Typing Powers are the powers, abilities and moves that carry the Pokemon creatures of Other World. These powers are born or developed by each of the creatures of their universe, fantastical powers such as the manipulation of elements/aspects of life. These powers are born of these creatures because of their connection of the flow of life of their world and are used for battle or self-defence or protection of their dear loved ones like their Trainers.
But there's a reason why these powers are denominated "Typing", and that's because in reality, the powers that each Pokemon carry are preset or only be made to be compatible with other Typing powers based on the species they are born. This universe is built upon a hierarchy of power where the living creatures are being gifted abilities that are just tied to their own species rather than identity, and are flowed through their own sense of instinct and deeper connection to the nature of their world. This is why humans can't learn Typing powers because their actions and form of thinking are not based by instinct but rather logic and it's their sense of identity and complex emotions that makes them less and less compatible to move through the flow of power of the Pokemon World.

The Meaning of PSI Powers
PSI is the term often referred to the psychic powers of the Mother Earth universe. In that universe, exists a flow of spiritual and physiological energy throughout space and time that manifests throughout the many phases of the universe, where different planets can be able to get in contact and be manifested in strange and spectacular ways.
In each planet of that universe, there exists on its core a spectacular energy that brings balance to the flow of life and energy of that planet, often referred to as "The Power of the [Planet's Name]", and through that energy it helps continue the spiritual flow to be manifested through the vessels living in the planet, selecting special users to bring forth their own powers born from the Flow. These are the PSI Powers.
Let's take for example, Mother Earth. In this case, the Power of the Earth is sleeping within the confines of the world, often rumored to be the appearance of a sleeping Dark Dragon, where its energy flows throughout the planet, sometimes in small ways like plants and animals, or sometimes be manifested in greater quantities in special places of the world.
What's important to consider is that PSI Powers are born through a person's state of mind, personality and inner strength, with infinite amount of possibilities to develop. These powers are tied to their personality, struggles and identity, making them possibly more potent than Typing powers thanks through the control and being driven by complex feelings and logic, instead of being driven by instinct.
If Pokemon were able to be in contact with the Power of the Earth, there's a possibility they can gain PSI powers, but it's almost not possible, because to do so, they would have to develop bigger complex feelings beyond their competitive instincts. In other words, they have to develop their own identity beyond of what they were born as species.

Does that mean both terms are incompatible with each other?
Well.... not necessarily, cause both powers have something in common, they are also driven by emotions. And through the power of one's heart, miracles can happen.


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How about defining Earthbound’s PSI as carrying Panpsychic Characteristics?

I think it’s a good idea because it expands on the idea of PSI coming from planets and makes it a power integral to the cosmos.