The Search For The Cat-Woman.


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Maurice fed Jonathan with a vegetable puree, at the same time he also cooked stir-fried vegetables with beef in a Asian marinade for lunch. His thoughts about the mysterious phenomenon of the cleaning and payment had not been able to release itself from his brain. He was intrigued, and anxious at the same time. Jonathan started to eat his lunch while Jonathan had already finished his own and watched him. Suddenly, a stepping noise distracted Maurice from the ceiling. He stopped eating by the confusion, and ate again. But the stepping noise occurred again, it originated from his room and he decided to check upstairs. He checked his bedroom, his window was opened and the room became cold. He checked below his bed. ''Whew, I was almost spotted!'' said the cat. He returned back to the kitchen. The baby seemed calm all of the sudden. He finished his meal. And he sat in the garden with his baby. It's nicely warm, three pm.

A while later, Maurice must prepare dinner. he heard something hitting the entrance door. He walked there and opened the door, a newspaper was thrown. While Maurice was boiling the beef, he caught Jonathan asleep on his own chair. He puts him on the sofa and tucked him in a blanket. He picked up the newspaper, he read about a commercial submarine that would be used to carry goods and passengers at the same to a destined destination. Maurice lost his wife all long ago, leaving him no choice but to grow young Jonathan as a widower. He almost forgot to prepare dinner for Johnny!

A moment later, Maurice finished cooking. Then he suddenly saw Jonathan watching the tv. He carried him to his seat and had dinner together. He ate and read the newspaper at the same time. On the next page he saw an incident occurring in the Besser Raymond Pharmaceutics' home company in Boston. There was a stolen classified project regarding a super transformation that gave people special abilities in performing such action. It sounded interesting, however nobody knew. The thief however, might become a dangerous threat to the whole country.

Meanwhile, at the forest where Elyse escaped. Cole's team was still searching for Elyse's whereabouts. Suddenly, one of his men found a cat's footprint and reported it to the radio. At the office his men reported him about their discovery. ''So, the serum that my friend (Richard) invented had turned his daughter into a cat? Ha! What a joke! After I killed him with a gas overload with a burning match in it. He still had an Ace of Spades. We'll see Elyse, if you can outsmart my men and me.''

As a cat Elyse had to wander in the dark, illuminated streets to find shelter. Suddenly an animal control spotted her and caught her in plain sight. She growled against the catcher and clawed his cheeks. Unfortunately she was thrown inside and was transported to a veterinarian to be vaccinated, and then being sold in a pet shop around two km away from Maurice's house. Her next fate was unknown...

The Woman in a Cat(It Takes Two to See This Kind of Cat!)
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