Thoughts on One Piece: Fishman Island Saga


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I recently finished watching the seventh saga of One Piece, the Fishman Island Saga, that starts off the second half of the series and I would like to share my thoughts on it:

Return to Sabaody Arc:

-As far as the new time skip main character appearances go, all of them are okay, though Nico Robin and Franky felt a turn for the worst, especially Robin who now looks like an entirely new character with the same voice actor. Though I suppose one could theorize she changed her appearance and character so drastically on purpose.

-The arc on it’s own is a bit barebones, but shows at least a good send-off to the next adventure.

Fishman Island Arc:

-I thought Hody Jones was a good change of antagonist, as while he not really all that strong, he makes it up with his intellect and determination. His reasoning for becoming a villain was written well I add.

-Good allegories for drug use and hate.

-I like how they transformed Hody to make him look more of actual villain wanting to be king, than someone more ordinary.

-The way Arlong's and Jinbe's stories connected to this arc was interestingly told from way back, despite the soft retcons.

-The Noah falling down was interesting to look at, not for knowing it was an empty threat that would be dealt with somehow.

-I think this arc did a good job wrapping up the fish-man portion of the whole human vs fish-man conflict.

-Overall I thought this was good saga, not as ambitious as the first, fourth, or sixth but a good watch nevertheless.