Translation Unfamiliarity: The Greek Letter Ψ (Psi)


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This is just a wonder I had about the Greek letter Ψ (Psi) and how it translates it into Japanese, and if there was any self-reference to it in the Earthbound Series, as PSI often uses greek letters to designate various levels of power.

PSI and Psi are pronounced differently, but if there is the smallest chance that Earthbound had referenced this English spelling similarity, it would be an interesting piece of trivia.

This something I hope @Lone could take a look at and perhaps recall something from the past, bring a new light to the understanding of the use of greek in the series, or perhaps put the curiosity to rest with an unaware fact.


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Err, not sure what's being asked.

Ψ is プサイ (Pu-sai) in Japanese, which sounds a little further from PSI.

So probably a coincidence.